Geohackweek highlights

4 minute read


Last week I had the privilege of taking part in Geohackweek, a week-long event from the UW eScience Institute that brings together people from academia and industry to learn about and practice the latest developments at the intersection of data science and geospatial analyses. Read more

Building a shareable dashboard with Bokeh and Binder

3 minute read


In the spring, I was experimenting with visualizing spatial information in Python and was having good success with the Bokeh package. Bokeh is great because it allows you to create interactive visualizations relatively quickly without needing to know JavaScript. Recent versions also handle GeoJSON data quite well which makes it easy to use with spatial vector data. Read more

My favorite JupyterLab features

1 minute read


Like a lot of Jupyter Notebook users, I’ve been switching over to JupyterLab over the last 8 months or so. While it is still a young project and some features will no doubt be improved (Find/Replace, anyone?), it has a lot going for it. Here, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite features. Read more

Obligatory introductory post

less than 1 minute read


By convention, every blog needs an initial post where the author overpromises what is to come, so here it goes… Read more