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pandas-vet is a plugin for flake8 that provides opinionated linting for pandas code.

It began as a project during the PyCascades 2019 sprints and development continued at the PyCascades 2020 sprints.


Starting with pandas can be daunting. The usual internet help sites are littered with different ways to do the same thing and some features that the pandas docs themselves discourage live on in the API. pandas-vet is (hopefully) a way to help make pandas a little more friendly for newcomers by taking some opinionated stances about pandas best practices. It is designed to help users reduce the pandas universe.

The idea to create a linter was sparked by Ania Kapuścińska’s talk at PyCascades 2019, “Lint your code responsibly!”.

Many of the opinions stem from Ted Petrou’s excellent Minimally Sufficient Pandas. Other ideas are drawn from pandas docs or elsewhere. The Pandas in Black and White flashcards have a lot of the same opinions too.