My academic research background is in archaeology, where I was lucky enough to participate in field projects in Ohio, Washington state, Hungary, and Spain. My PhD research led me to Mallorca, Spain where I co-led the Landscape, Encounters, and Identity Archaeology (LEIA) Project.

Prior to joining the LEIA Project in Mallorca, my research focused on the complex dynamics of climate change, animal communities, and human behavior at sites related to the Fort Ancient culture in southwest Ohio.

I am also a member of the Digital Archaeology Research (DigAR) Lab. As a part of the DigAR Lab, I am interested in advancing the use of digital technologies and information in archaeology. This includes things like writing code to speed up or automate data analysis, creating novel data visualizations, designing mobile apps, and exploring ways that digital technologies can help archaeologists ask new questions, develop new methods, and generally do better research.

My interests also extend to zooarchaeology, archaeological information science, spatial analysis, and issues of archaeological practice.