Data scientist + Archaeologist

I am a full-time data scientist in industry. I have worked across a range of different data science domains: user analytics, forecasting, NLP, and more. Within the data science world, I enjoy building tools, dataviz, and solving tricky problems.

I am also a PhD candidate in archaeology within the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. For my PhD project, I created prospect, a framework for building Monte Carlo simulations of archaeological field surveys with Python. This research is being informed by experience conducting survey research as part of the Landscape, Encounters, and Identity Archaeology Project.

Outside of my industry and academic work, I greatly enjoy teaching and contributing to the open source community. I maintain an open source linter tool called pandas-vet, teach workshops with The Carpentries, and help organize the SciPy Conference Sprints, among other activities.




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