These functions take care of some admin for the field team


assign_chores(csv_file, names, start_col, …) Create equitable schedule of chore duties
leiap.fieldschool.assign_chores(csv_file, names, start_col, end_col, start_date, end_date, out_file='chore_schedule.xlsx')[source]

Create equitable schedule of chore duties

  • csv_file (str) – File path to CSV file where names and dates are stored
  • names (str) – CSV column with crew member names
  • end_col (start_col,) – CSV columns with crew member start dates and end dates, respectively
  • end_date (start_date,) – First and last days, respectively, when chores are needed
  • out_file (str) – File path or name for the output Excel

crew_dates – DataFrame containing some info about how jobs were assigned. Useful for deciding if the results are fair.

Return type:

pandas DataFrame


>> assign_chores(‘all_students.csv’,
names=’student’, start_col=’arrive’, end_col=’depart’, start_date=‘2017-06-27’, end_date=‘2017-07-25’)